The Shores Of Anhedonia

by Neuro-Sentence

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Edward Forsaken
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Edward Forsaken Excellent album love all songs - creative and fresh
Scumbag thumbnail
Scumbag When I listen to Neuro-Sentence the image my mind conjures up is Der Graf (Unheilig) fronting for Funker Vogt, but with English lyrics... Admittedly that's a kinda simplified description and while it may not be entirely accurate I believe it points in the right direction. Whatever the case, this is one helluva brilliant album, highly listenable and highly recommendable for those who like their goth-tinged EBM and darkwave! Favorite track: Kali.
Steven Gullotta
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Steven Gullotta Still sitting as one of my top albums of 2014, the gothic tendencies of Neuro-Sentence has completely won me over in every sense of the word. Full review here: Favorite track: Dominion (Subjugate).
Empath thumbnail
Empath Excellent! Energy, Drive, Power!! Favorite track: Archetypes & Avatars.
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Neuro-Sentence has been transferred to maximum security hospital indefinitely... Court-appointed physician, Dr. Clive Rae from the Xperiment XIII clinic for the necro and morbidly insane will be handling all further contact with the outside world. But do not slit your wrists just yet, as they will be allowed to continue creating music, be let out for tours upon serious request and have contact with the outside world to some degree. At this time it is in the best interest of the community to spread the news for their continued survival.

The band describes their music as Necro-Electro and the description fits perfectly. The vocals are deep and bristling with emotion and strength set against an atmospheric and industrial beaten landscape that pulsates through your soul.

“The Shores Of Anhedonia” is a disturbingly proficient debut album from a band set upon leaving victims scattered in their wake.

Visuals have been provided by the talented Tomoki Hayasaka of SHEERHEART


"Breathing passionate surly imagination it’s just phenomenal." - Rating: 10/10 - Grave Concern

"This is one album where not a single part of any song is skippable" - Rating: 9/10 - Brutal Resonance

"It constantly moves from gothic to dark-electronics while raw melody lines are embellish the work with some freaky grace." - Rating: 7/10 - Side-Line Review

"The album comes packed with their flavor of dark and heavy electro-industrial music across ten tracks." Rating: 4/5 - Gothic Paradise

"With its mix of baleful atmosphere and inciting vocals, you’ll find dark pleasure in this work..." "Varying beat speeds, ominously engaging synth, dark guitar background and talented deep vocals." - Das Klub Review

Chain D.L.K Rating: 4.5 / 5
Terra Relicta Rating: 8/10
Discogs Avg Rating: 4.2 / 5

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Warning: This music is extremely addictive


released February 14, 2014

Recorded, Engineered, and Produced by Neuro-Sentence
Mixed by Kevin at Cloven Hoof Audio and Neuro-Sentence
Mastered by Thoughtcat Mastering
Artwork by Tomoki Hayasaka/SHEERHEART
Copyright (c) 2014 Neuro-Sentence / Xperiment XIII



all rights reserved


Neuro-Sentence Colorado Springs, Colorado

Neuro-Sentence is continuing to push the boundaries of goth and necro-electro while infusing their music with a haunting and sinister atmosphere.

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Track Name: Dominion (Subjugate)
In the desperate attempts
To perceive of an Absolution
I never left a graven ideal unturned
But yet there is one thrill, I’ve left un-jaded
Once partaken, never satiated

A desire to consume
A want to be your doom
And now that we’re so close
Can I fight the urge to slit your throat?

Dominate Subjugate
Use the blood as the gate
Dominate Subjugate
Tempt the Furies and Fates
Dominate Subjugate
The flesh is the law; the rule is your cold dead face

A desire to abuse
A want to be your tomb
And now that we’re so close
Can I fight the urge to slit your throat?

Still I wonder about the throes
Of which I’ve never had

With the hands around the neck of my own deification
As I finally begin my killing-life initiation
I look to you
Track Name: Inferno (for a heart)
You can never trust me, but I am everything you need
You will always want me, and the truths you cannot see
So far away
Too far away
I make you question and doubt, the things you thought before me
The ruins of your loyalties amongst my raging, freezing sea
Worn away
Torn away

So I wander from one life to the next
Inspiring unknown hatred
Unknown hatred and respect

Eventually you’ll leave me
I know the path is hard
On the edge of a species
With an inferno for a heart

The weak and the conquered
The sons and daughters of men
In the end I’ll destroy you for summoning me without a care
Did you believe I was lying when I told you I was not a man?

You told me I was evil
You told me I was the only one
You told me I was your dream and nightmare
Now you’ll see I’m not like anyone

Eventually you’ll mourn me
You knew that from the start
So brilliant and seething
With an inferno for a heart
Always raging, never waning
With an inferno for a heart
Track Name: The Edict
In a dark and distant corner of a cold unknown
There lies a realm of horror and jest
A swarming globe, ripe for harvest

And soon we’ll be upon it
The object of our desires
Taking what we came for, discarding the rest in our endless fire

Useless resistance
Mankind will fall
Useless resistance
We conquer all

And our descent from the heavens will incite a world-wide dread
As we destroy the primitive powers
You chose to rule in our stead

We have come again

From far away and aeons ago
Out of time comes a dimensional woe
In the name of the darkest star
We rightfully claim all that is ours

And the Earth shall be our throne
To rule alone
Until your gods are bleeding
Until we reclaim this fallen world

Now with our rule restored
Let Cosmic Chaos
Forever be adored
Track Name: Chemical
Abuse me
Come swallow me
Let me feel as though
Nothing can affect me

An insurrection against affection
This seduction is chemical

Flow deep within my veins
Never sure if these are hand-cuffs or reins
Either way I wouldn’t blame you my dear
Considering you’re how I feel

We are chemical
My love is chemical
We need more chemicals
I love my chemicals

Oh this torrid affair
Why can’t you see
That we can’t go on
I have a life to bleed
And with you so bold and free
To hold you too close
Would be the death of me

The synthetic drugs of the Modern Age
Are the sacred sluts of the Bastard Sage
Track Name: Anhedonia
Day by day
Hour to hour
I bear witness
27 years
Of murder

Predisposed to see my will
Bear rotten withered fruits
On the bloody vine

Still constantly betrayed
By my ability to reason
My life away
Nothing to betray
The Shores Of Anhedonia
Where I forever reign

Slaughtered dreams billowing
From this world of attrition
I’ve lived all your instantiations
Perversion my Victim & Virtue
Ruled my kingdom

The analytical prison
Of alienation and relativity
Within these subjective walls
I serve a Neuro-Sentence
Solitary defiance
In a closed-casket life
My sorrow runs so deep
Nothing can escape

Consumed in silent flames
In this never-ending season
I fade away
Nothing to portray
The Shores Of Anhedonia
Where I forever stay

A philosophical fornicator
Wounded by the blade he forged in Idealism
I bleed a live-long doubt
Nothing satisfies
Nothing intensifies
Receptors slain by
The beast inside
Track Name: Archetypes & Avatars
I am your god, I am your goddess
Give me your lust and your sin
I am our savior, I am your faith
Give me your life and all within

Stare into my eyes
Bask in my endless glory
Kneel in adoration
Devoted before me

I am creation, I am the void
Give me your hopes and your fears
I am your violence, I am your pleasure
Give me your will and your soul

Tonight we’ll ascend to the higher plane
Tonight we’ll die in vain
Tonight we’ll rape the stars
Tonight we’ll be as avatars

I am the end, I am existence
Give me your laments and hate
I am your torment, I am your grave
Giving you powers to master your fate

And through the mists of an altered-state
You find the final gate
Then you’ll see why archetypes flow through you
And I

I am your triumph, you are my pain
Give me your altar and mind
I am the Adept, you are the vessel
Giving you gnosis, giving me all
Track Name: Kali
Across your face and on your knees
The seed of barren times
So far so near
I’ll never be there
You’ll never be real

A lust so violent sought in spite
The darker secrets of our lives
So painful and so real
We must stay here and actualize our lies

A cut-up coronation the union and the throne
A murderous welcome for an unknown fate
Two souls, one suicide

When I drank you knew your name
When you bleed me I know life again
And seek my bitter end
When I bled you winds blew cold
When you haunt me I love death again
And see my tragic end

Passion and atrocity
Until we reach the end of time
What you seek you’ll never find
Your frozen blood assures your mine
Track Name: Samsara
This is as good a place as any to start
To teach you that suffering is not a beating heart
It can be found on more hallowed ground
The World, The Will, and these Murder Sounds
And if you believe that I’ve something to conceal
Lose yourself in a mirror and see how it feels
When pain and shame are the only common bonds between me and you

It’s never enough
Please don’t stop
It’s never enough
Please don’t

And I know what I have buried deep inside
The source of my frustration
I don’t want to live
Yet I don’t want to die
There’s no absolution
No place to hide

It’s on the wind
Signs of the ancient slaughter
With mankind shackled, sealed, and bred as either cog or fodder
It’s in a life devoid of faith or meaning
Monumental art to break the endless wake and dreaming

The myth and cult you chose to forget is me
Let’s see a parade of ghastly masks for a sacrificial love

And there’s no valid reason left to fight the source of this oration
I’ve already died, enough with the lies
There’s no absolution, we’re nowhere and blind

Is a lonesome thing when glory shines light on what it really is
A wellspring…
Track Name: Morning Star
The portrait and the mirror
A correlative concept
You will come to bare

Stalk the gods at midnight
Burn them all before the dawn
Steal the fires of creation
From the Horned Pantheon

For the coming of a New Aeon

In the shadows, in the darkness
I’ll be the one with a thousand names
In the realm of your dreams
Bow and receive the kiss of shame
In the mysteries, in the visions
I’ll be the one with a thousand names
I come to your dreams to bestow the osculum infame

The magus and the watchmen
An esoteric construct
You will come to fear
Walk into the twilight; see the moon eclipse the sun
Interstellar proclamation
From within and beyond
Track Name: Divine
This how it starts, urge and intuition conjoined spectres
Glory to lust in the highest stakes
Ripe for impalement, dissociative faith
The Macrocosm conspires irrationally
And I act in accordance
Forging a reality I do not want to escape from
Climbing upon the heights of despair
More than willing to fall to my emotional death, then and again
Still you pose and yearn
Twisting, turning
The Horned God hard-wired into your moon-bleeding womb
Violent frenzied dancing
Fateless, Nameless
Above the frothing jaws of my bloody love

Awake to tragedy
From a cold and sullen sleep
Your everyday funeral beckons to me
Though master and lord, still never free

All the love in a life was only just disease
Beginning with the end
Know of nothing in-between

It’s the physical wisdom we sought those nights
As Athena and Venus possessed your mind
And our eyes gazed far beyond our present-time
Where once we were divine

And yet it sings to me
Your breath leaves frost upon my memory
A palpable essence, a ravishing mean
The light that once appeared
Never again, heard or seen

But wait I still remain
As the god of suffering and pain
But wait I still remain
The blood within spilt another day

It’s the silent embrace that gave us sight
As Eros pulsated and surged inside
And your eyes looked far, so deeply into mine
Where once we were divine

It’s our lucid dream you chose to forsake
When you left me for dead
To burn at the stake
And our eyes will meet across the seas of time
When we become divine

But wait I still remain
Guarding the embers from the rain
But wait I still remain
Out for life, and final domain